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ocean optics光学技术有着成千上万的uv-vis-nir应用,包括吸光率/传输,发光和反射系数等应用。




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提示:以下多篇文章都提及了ocean optics s1000系列分光仪。s1000系列分光仪已被灵敏度显著提升的s2000系列和usb2000系列分光仪取代。


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说明:此文章未提及ocean optics分光仪。但文章中介绍的方法被后来的ocean optics s2000 miniature 光纤分光仪采用。

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note: many entries posted here cite ocean optics s1000 series spectrometers (s1000/pc1000/ps1000 models). s1000 series spectrometers have been replaced by s2000 series spectrometers and usb2000 series spectrometers, which offer superior performance -- most notably improved sensitivity -- than the s1000 for the vast majority of applications.

提示:以下多篇文章都提及了ocean optics s1000系列分光仪。s1000系列分光仪已被灵敏度显著提升的s2000系列和usb2000系列分光仪取代。

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reflectance references


note: many entries posted here cite ocean optics s1000 series spectrometers (s1000/pc1000/ps1000 models). s1000 series spectrometers have been replaced by s2000 series spectrometers and usb2000 series spectrometers, which offer superior performance -- most notably improved sensitivity -- than the s1000 for the vast majority of applications.

提示:以下多篇文章都提及了ocean optics s1000系列分光仪。s1000系列分光仪已被灵敏度显著提升的s2000系列和usb2000系列分光仪取代。

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其它各种the following are general interest references featuring ocean optics photonics technologies.

note: many entries posted here cite ocean optics s1000 series spectrometers (s1000/pc1000/ps1000 models). s1000 series spectrometers have been replaced by s2000 series spectrometers and usb2000 series spectrometers, which offer superior performance -- most notably improved sensitivity -- than the s1000 for the vast majority of applications.

提示:以下多篇文章都提及了ocean optics s1000系列分光仪。s1000系列分光仪已被灵敏度显著提升的s2000系列和usb2000系列分光仪取代。

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